20130912_131436Lighting comes in many different forms with both artists incorporating light into their sculptures, as well as designing and building installations that have lighting as an integral purpose.P1010016

Francis Muscat’s work with glass has led directly to working with light, both ambient and artificial. The miniature size and intensity of LED lighting is perfect for embedding a light source directly into a sculptural piece.






Optical fibres are also used to bring light right into an installation, especially where the surface must be sealed and durable such as flooring. In this functional sculptural installation in a private residence in Montreal, Francis Muscat inlaid a glass outline of a ship’s hull into a hardwood floor, and underlit it with optical fibre.

north side floor


‘Lines’ of glass were laid directly into the surface of this stone and glass deck, and underlit with optical fibre, for a ravishing night time experience, with lines of light delineating the space at ground level.

NUNU-1 Lighting up the bar, was a prime aim of the owners of Nunu’s, a restuarant on Toronto’s lively Queen street, specialising in Ethiopean cuisine, when they commissioned our design team to put in a colour filled lighting installation.

We came up with a construction of wood and washi paper, threaded through with LED spotlights, that illuminated the various work areas.

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