2. FLAGS LIKE PRAYERPrayers Like Flags is an installation of Paper and Wood that fills a corridor of a condominium sales centre in downtown Toronto. Washi paper is a Japanese paper that is excellent for creating sculptures, as it’s long fibres allow the paper to stay together when dampened and stretched over structures, then dry to a taut durable surface. The paper also has translucent qualities that are exploited in this installation.

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  1. Emily Murayama

    I really like this, I was looking for photos of Japanese prayer flags and this appeared and i’m happy it did. I was wondering if they had inspired anybody else.


    1. Francis Muscat

      Hello Emily,
      Thanks for the note, this installation was commissioned by a developer to be installed in their sales centre, it will be reinstalled into the lobby of their new condo when it is done. It has inspired others as we have built a similar installation in a restaurant. This one was designed to be lit from behind which made the piece more dramatic: Lighting extended the installation with shadows.


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