2. Fly Freeman; STONE CIRCLES; Granite







Commissioned work is a large part of Muscat and Freemans’ output both as individual artists and when working as a team. Our simple philosophy when working together is that as a team, we will create art that we would not create when working individually. The reality of two creative people working on a project, is not always so simple, but there is normally more laughter than yelling.

We find a joint approach especially useful when working with private clients, designers and architects.

Our experience as makers stretches over a broad variety of materials, below are some of our samples that illustrate our range and use of material:

curved-wood-direct-2-100x100coloured-and-adhered-glass-sample-edited-11-100x100concretesample2-293x300charred-wood-2_edited-1-150x150flame-cut-sample-150x150reverse-paper_edited-1-150x150WALNUT GLASS

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