Water_Structures-AdobeRGB-17smlFrancis Muscat has been working with glass for his whole career, pushing the boundaries of the material and what can be constructed with glass. He combines glass with stone, wood, metal and concrete amongst any other materials. He has developed techniques for cutting thicker glass to create a fluid edge that brings a brilliant surface to his sculptures and installations in glass.

The image above is of a waterfall structure created for a Hospital Entrance foyer in Texas. It measures 24 feet in height.big angel blur

As a sculptor working with glass, Francis has many different techniques at his disposal, bringing a fresh approach to glass as a sculptural material.

curry river






Glass has become part of the repertoire of materials Muscat and Freeman use in their collaborative work. Glass River is part of an outdoor artwork Muscat and Freeman completed for a stone deck they designed for a private client.

Another aspect of glass work is architectural stained glass, this particular piece utilizes a “Mosaic” approach, no lead or metal is used here and the coloured glass is epoxy fused onto clear, tempered glass.

10.Mariko & Kalen

golden mean


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