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Fly Freeman started her career as a sculptor as a stone carver, and public commissions in stone have formed a big part of her work. A series of large-scale carvings completed in various places in Europe, formed the mid-part of her working life, moving nomadically from  remote quarry, to stone yard to Granite symposiums from the Northern islands of Scotland to the South of France.

Working from within the communities where the sculptures will eventually live, is how each of these sculptures was developed and then executed.

Before and after this nomadic stage, Fly Freeman has always made smaller works in stone, pursuing an ongoing series of sculptures made of interlocking, carved shapes

045 spirales, 72   view of Stone Circles and Head To Wind - 72  Thesis,Antithesis - 72  2. Fly Freeman; STONE CIRCLES; Granite  Retour Au Premiers Principes - 72  Que tu me Manques - 72  Noonline - 72      Head to Wind - 72     PETITE_Ebbbab - 72

Images – stone circles, que tu me manques, ma coupe deborde, patati patata, etre ensemble


In a combination of Owen Sound Ledge rock, Walnut and Glass, a sculpted feature wall is a room divider in a private home.  This piece also functions as a fireplace,and an entertainment unit.

montreal Living room

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