Fauvel Boat

A room divider for a new home in Laval Quebec divides the living room from the dining room.  Built for a client with an affinity with ships we designed a stone clad wall in a stylized shape of a boat.  The base has a steel “hull” with a bow and stern.  Glass fins suggest the wall shapes of the ship.


A gunnel shape surrounding the wall is ins reed into the floor, laminated glass panels are layer tiles in an oak floor, under lit with finer optic cable.




The house is situated close to the banks of Riviere de Prairies, the “bow” of the feature wall is oriented  at centre of the doors leading to the river. as if the boat was entering the water.

The room divider houses a see through fireplace, and an entertainment centre.



living room side north




The components for the entertainment centre are housed in the stone clad drawers on the feature wall.

Walnut is used for the mantle and drawer pulls  as well as cast glass compliment the Owen Sound Stone that clad the feature room divider.
drwer pul sm





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